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Videos and Multi Media

We can do 'conventional' videos and presentations - they will be professional, functional, do the job and do it well. But given the choice, we'd rather produce something inspirational, captivating and memorable. Wouldn't you?

Picture the scene: Major European conference for leading FMCG global player. Our client's focus is to launch the category supply chain strategy. The timing could have been better - his slot comes immediately after the new series of sexy, iconic, big budget TV and cinema ads are unveiled for the first time to this audience.

Challenging, yes. Daunting, no. In an integrated campaign, we developed a strong visual identity for the strategy, wrote the words around the key messages, produced a (even if we say it ourselves) rather sexy accompanying brochure and brought it all together with a high impact presentation using both multi media and video.

The message was powerful - you can have the best product, real innovation, and stand out packaging but without the supply chain, it's not going to hit the supermarket shelf.