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Adding Value through Specialist Resource

You need a specialist to join your team to develop a specific strategy or drive a project through implementation to successful outcome. However, people are one of any business's largest costs - multiply the salary by three and that's the real outlay for a full-time resource to fulfil any role.

It's a luxury that many organisations simply can't afford. We offer the cost-effective option for you to buy in high calibre, highly experienced people who add value from Day 1.

Flexible, working with you on site, integrating into your existing team but above all, totally focused on getting the job done. It's a variable cost, not a fixed overhead and you decide how much input you require. It could be a couple of days per month - it could be one day a week or an intensive but short term engagement to make a difference - fast.

Our skills cover:
Developing and/or implementing communication strategies (internal and external)
Recruitment Support - ask the right questions and get the right people
Building effective teams
Identifying and developing core competencies
Coaching to help leaders really lead
Generating sales
Developing and/or implementing marketing strategies