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Melanie Baxter (Associate)

Margaret AirsI must admit to being a slightly naïve English Degree Graduate when I first stumbled upon Margaret’s newly-hung consultancy sign 19 years ago. Here I embarked on a sort of PR boot-camp where I not so much ‘learnt the ropes’ but instead had to agilely ‘leap on the ropes’, Tarzan style, through a jungle of media relations, copy writing, and account handling under her watchful eye!

Happily it was an environment that I thrived in. My rapid skill development and creative synergy with Margaret led to a continued passion to transform businesses through outstanding communication and marketing. Since then I have provided consultancy for multinational clients up to board level, directing projects as varied as brand development to complex stakeholder relations and international communications campaigns.

Spending 6 years in Australia saw me take on high profile public consultancy work in a variety of disciplines. These included e-government, education, road safety and agriculture alongside ASX listed companies and SMEs. Returning to the UK with my family in 2008 I continue to provide consultancy for clients who have a habit of hanging on to me and am also delighted to rejoin Margaret and the Arkimedia team.

I like to bring creative and fresh thinking to the table and am able to quickly distill complex situations to identify where we can best add value. I excel with people and believe getting their buy-in to any business improvement process is vital despite the challenges this can present. Drawing on my experience and communications skill set I am able to overcome these challenges and develop and implement dynamic strategies to deliver measurable and lasting results for clients.

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere"
Lee Iacocca

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