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Dave Beasley - Partner

Dave BeasleyDave is the MD of one of the most innovative, dynamic, creative and solutions-driven visual communications companies around, President of the Humber Branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Royal Television Society Award winner, husband, father of two and chief dog walker.

He’s passionate about delivering world class video and multi media productions for his clients – and ours! When Arkimedia was founded back in 2001, we set about finding a partner who shared our values, was customer focused and brimming with great ideas. As you would expect, we ‘interviewed’ quite a few people who purported to be experts in their field. Although most were technically competent, there was a distinct lack of synergy – they didn’t really ‘get’ what we were about and looking to achieve on behalf of our clients.

Dave got it and fast forward to present day, the partnership has proved – and continues – to be an excellent one. Happily, Dave’s highly talented team are of like minds and understand that the needs of the client come first (even if it means that the crew has to turn round and drive back to where they’ve just come from because there’s been a change of plan!).

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
Albert Einstein

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