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Alison Hackwell (Director of Performance and Talent Management)

Alison HackwellI started my career as a graduate trainee with Unilever and found myself in the IT department - ironic really since I had successfully managed to avoid even touching a computer for the full three years at university. Whilst it gave me a great grounding in business systems, I quickly realised my passion lay elsewhere in that I prefer to interact with people rather than PCs. I found my niche in HR and Supply Chain change management. My career progressed through a series of roles that brought increasing levels of seniority and responsibility across Unilever's foods. Chemicals, R&D and Home & Personal Care businesses.

Thirteen years later and wanting to spend more quality time with my young family, I left to set up my own business and thrived on he challenges and perspective that brought. I met Margaret through a mutual client in 2007 and immediately recognised someone with whom I had both complementary skills but also shared the same business values and I knew I would enjoy being part of the Arkimedia team.

My strengths lie in developing long-term partnerships with clients, helping them to identify what they really require from their people and the level at which they need to perform. I am passionate about business improvement through people since I believe that people are the key drivers in any organisation. The majority of my work centres on designing and facilitating workshops, Coaching (1to1 and teams), supporting recruitment of new talent, competency development and building performance improvement strategies. This work brings me into contact with people across all levels within a business and it's this aspect that I find particularly fulfilling.

"If we all did the things we are capable of we would astound ourselves"
Thomas Edison

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